Mindy's Topics of Expertise.

KINDNESS – SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World

“How one week of kindness can change a community”

Build resiliency, redirect hurt into love and drive faith in kindness.

FAITH – Interfaith Dialogue

“Using faith to transcend religion”

Discover how to curate a productive interfaith dialogue to strengthen faith.

HEALING – Workplace Healing, LLC

“How a healthy workplace engages employees after tragedy”

When tragedy occurs, a healthy workplace is critical part of the healing process, across religion and ethnicity.

2020 Speaking Appearances


March 3 – Something Beautiful Happened with Yvette Manessis Corporon and Mindy Corporon (fundraiser)

April 21 to April 27 – SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the WorldKansas City area


February 20 – Vibrant Women Luncheon

2019 Speaking Appearances


April 9 to April 15 – SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the WorldKansas City area


January 14Marco Island, Florida

February 24Marco Island, Florida

March 16Marco Island, Florida

March 21Marco Island, Florida

April 4ICCFA Annual Convention & ExpoCharlotte, North Carolina


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mindy Corporon for over twelve years in the context of a: spouse, mother, very successful owner of a Registered Investment Advisory practice and now President of Faith Always Wins Foundation.  Mindy has always had a special quality about her,  which I never really was able to define in sum, until the most unimaginable event occurred whereby a hate crime took the life of her Dad and son. From that horrific moment, Mindy became a public voice in the universe which demonstrates her innate qualities of; friendship, tolerance, acceptance,  love, universal faith, calmness, super cool demeanor  and grace.

My business, Target Insurance Services, Inc. had the honor of having Mindy speak to my customers on her life before and after tragedy.   Her  message of love through frightful transparency of tragedy, honesty of emotions and desire to make something greater out  senseless conduct left all our participants moved in a manner which I rarely see in society. I’ve had the benefit of seeing some of the best public speakers in America during my career in the insurance business. I can’t think of one other speaker who moved an audience,  in such a powerful manner, as Mindy did with our group.”

Matt McAvoy

Matt McAvoy

Target Insurance Services, Inc.

Courtney Thomas

Courtney Thomas

President & CEO,

“Having the ability to truly connect with a diverse crowd of over 1,000 business professionals isn’t an easy task to undertake. However, Mindy Corporon was able to deliver an authentic and impactful message that not only resonated with our 2018 Leadership Lyceum attendees, but moved them into action. All who attended were motivated to self-reflection to determine ways they can contribute to a more inclusive workforce… and world.

Mindy is an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. Few people could turn such a tragic situation of heartbreak and loss into an opportunity to spread ripples of kindness, forgiveness and love. She is a model of resilience and the true definition of a bright light in this world. Any audience fortunate enough to hear her message won’t forget it.”

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35 World Changing Women

Mindy Corporon

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